What should you expect?

Leading up to your visit, the Customer Experience Center will work closely with your Rackspace account team to understand the objectives of your visit and deliver a customized experience that addresses your business needs and allows you to leave with answers and solutions to your most critical business problems.

We have thousands of experts right around the corner willing to jump in to your conversations and spend the day learning from and collaborating with you to help drive successful outcomes for you and your team!

What would you like to discuss with us?

Other common sessions include:

  • Deep dive into your technical environment
  • Incident Management Processes and Incident Management Resolution
  • Technical Workshops
  • Annual or Quarterly Business Reviews

The time that each Racker spent going through information and answering our questions was very much appreciated.  The talent and expertise devoted to help us ensure that we are making the right decision for our business is immeasurable.

The Rackspace team came together to organize and execute a great experience that achieved our visit goals.  Everyone was prepared, professional, and kind.  We left the visit with enhanced trust in Rackspace as our chosen business partner and were able to spend valuable time with our account team, leadership and security experts during our time there.  Thanks for the hospitality!

Our visit was a valuable use of our time – we spent the visit on relevant issues and got to meet all the folks we will be working with.  No fluff – all value!

It was extremely valuable to visit the Rackspace headquarters and get to see thousands of Rackers in action.  We spent two days whiteboarding with our team, doing some deep technical discussions, and pairing up our engineers with the Rackspace engineers to solve some of our more complex issues.  We accomplished everything we needed to in two-days, whereas a virtual discussion would have taken us much longer.

Rackspace is by far the best place to meet, and I’ve traveled to a lot of customer/partner sites. Keep up the good work!